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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is a film dramatization of the story of a legal clerk and environmental activist who, despite the lack of a formal legal education, was instrumental in constructing a winning 1993 legal case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company for the toxic contamination of ground water. The movie depicts a compelling true story of the hundreds of cancer victims in Hinkley CA, who stood together to bring their fight to oppose a giant energy corporation. The case was settled in 1996 for $333 million, the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in U.S. history.

Natal Chart Erin Brockovich
June 22, 1960 (Noon Chart)
Pisces - Virgo

Makhaon @04 Pisces (medical issues and precipitating causes)
Chiron @02 Pisces R (health issues as our teachers)
1966 TL66 @02 Pisces (hard won revelation, searing experience)


Hygeia @00 Virgo (health of the body and mind)
Pluto @03 Virgo (great inner strength)

         Cardinal Grand Cross

         Cupido @06 Libra (we are all connected, community)


         Veteraniya @05 Cancer (long and hard experience)


         Ohno @ 08 Capricorn (dismay)


         Eris @10 Aries ( need to challenge the system or status quo)

         Semi-Sextile Kite
         Apex (nose of kite, lift)
         Restitutum @29 Cancer (oversight that supersedes the judical system, a guardian)
         Vinciguerra @27 Leo ( playing for keeps)


         Vulkanus @28 Gemini  (sense of self authority)


         (Kite tail, drag)
         1966 TK66 @02 Pisces (hard won revelations, searing experience)
         Chiron @02 Pisces (health issues as our teacher)

Sextile  Kite

Apex (nose of kite, lift)
Vulkanus @28 Gemini (sense of self authority)


Sun @01 Cancer (what we aspire to)
Venus @01 Cancer (where we invest, money, time, love)
Dk Lilith @05 Cancer (relying entirely on great laws of the universe)


Hygeia @00 Virgo
Pluto @03 Virgo


Mars @01 Taurus (dynamic energy)
Sedna @27 Aries (victims, victimization)
Admetos @27 Aries (facing blocks, finding origins and truth)


Kite tail (drag) Jupiter @28 Sagittarius (quest for honesty, learning adventure)

Aquarius - Leo

Damocles @14 Aquarius (stress that comes with change)
Pholus @13 Aquarius (invasive pathogen, destructive autoimmune response)


Nemesis @8 Leo (devastating affliction, the undoing)
Uranus  @18 Leo (unpredictable, upsets)

Capricorn - Cancer

Mercury @25 Cancer  (conjunct USA Mercury @24 Cancer)


Konstitutsiya @23 Capricorn (one's own set of rules, dealing with law or government, official action)
Pallas @24 Capricorn (strategy, ability to recognize patterns, capacity to rearrange)
Asclepius @25 Capricorn (medical issues, physician)

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Brave Champions: Natal Charts by Mark Andrew Holmes
Harbingers Of The Modern World : author Mark Andrew Holmes
An astrological treatise on the asteroids  Hidalgo,  Pandora, and  Lilith


Lorenzo Michael Murphy Odone
- & -
Michaela Teresa Murphy Odone

5/29/1978, Washington D.C., noon chart - Lorenzo

1/10/1939, Yonkers N.Y., noon chart - Michaela

Lorenzo’s Oil: This film is about the story of parents Augusto and Michaela Odone who became brave champions for their son Lorenzo diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Unable to find a doctor capable of treating Lorenzo's rare disease, Augusto and Michaela Odone sought their own cure. The Odone's quest is recounted in the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil. Their discovery proved successful in halting the progression of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

In recognition of the parents' work, Augusto Odone received an honorary doctorate from the University of Stirling. August Odone continues to raise funds and drive the scientific task force known as The Myelin Project.

Lorenzo Odone
Natal *Minor Asteroid* DNA @ 28 Cancer 38
(genetic lineage)


Protogeneia @27 Cancer (pioneering something)
Epimetheus @28 Cancer (actions taken too late, possibly futile)


Cuvier @27 Taurus (extinguish, to end)
Roachapproach @28 Taurus (repellent)
Mallory @28 Taurus (possibility insurmountable challenge)
Pandora @28 Taurus (unexpected consequences)


Antenor @28 Aries (to undermine)
Chariklo @27 Aries (attracting emotional support)

Radiocommunicata @27 Libra (widely publicized)
Ohno @28 Libra (dismay)


Dioretsa @27 Pisces (veering off track)
Stephengould @29 Pisces (skepticism, rejection)
1966 TL66 @29 Pisces (hard-won revelation, searing experience)


Outer Planet (representing an era or generation)

N/Pluto @14 Libra


Natal *Minor Asteroid* Parkinson @12 Libra 53
(neurological disorder, working under a handicap)


N/Eris @14 Aries (need to challenge system or status quo)


Editor's Insert: Lorenzo Odone -&- Michaela Odone

Natural Zodiac

Aries -- Libra

N/Lorenzo - Parkinson @12 Libra cnj N/Pluto @14 Libra
N/Michaela - Parkinson @13 Libra

Taurus -- Scorpio
N/Lorenzo - Chiron @07 Taurus
N/Michaela - Uranus @13 Taurus cnj Ceres @14 Taurus
N/Lorenzo - Uranus @13 Scorpio

Gemini -- Sagittarius
N/Lorenzo - Sun @07 Gemini
N/Lorenzo - Neptune @17 Sagittarius cnj Osiris @15 Sagittarius (severed,broken,split) cnj Vesta @15 Sagittarius rx cnj Pallas @15 Sagittarius rx

Cancer -- Capricorn
N/Lorenzo - Jupiter @08 Cancer cnj Venus @08 Cancer
N/Michaela - Chiron @06 Cancer
N/Lorenzo - DNA @28 Cancer cnj Orcus @27 Cancer (adverse reaction,transmit,rescind)
N/Lorenzo - Ceres @23 Capricorn
N/Michaela - Pholus @14 Capricorn

Leo -- Aquarius

N/Lorenzo - Saturn @28 Leo cnj Eurydike @27 Leo (absent,missing,taken)
N/Lorenzo - Damocles @27 Aquarius (menace,threat,forewarn)

Virgo -- Pisces
N/Lorenzo - Pholus @23 Pisces
N/Michaela - Neptune @23 Virgo


Recessive - Expressed ALD

Michaela - Natal Pholus @14 Capricorn (recessive ALD)
Lorenzo - Natal Ceres @23 Capricorn (metabolic disorder)


Lorenzo - Natal Nemesis @14 Cancer (affliction, devastating situation)
Lorenzo - Natal DNA @28 Cancer (expressed ALD)


Michaela - Natal Chiron @06 Cancer (maternity, birth, medicine, quest, guide, here & now, skilled one, maverick)
Lorenzo - Natal Jupiter @08 Cancer (fat metabolism) cnj Natal Venus @08 Cancer (nutrient assimilation)


ALD is an inherited disorder. An essential transporter protein is absent in ALD affliction.

That transporter protein is utilized for metabolism of very long-chain fatty acids found in the normal diet.

Without the specific transporter protein VLCFA build-up damages the myelin insulating central and peripheral system nerves causing devastating neurological disorders.


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Interview with: Mark Andrew Holmes

(February 6, 2006)

Q: How - or - when did your work with astrology research become focused on asteroids?

A: I'm also into fixed stars, including galactic points (deep-space radiation sources). And, I've done a little work with comets.

I would say that I became interested in asteroids sometime in the late 1980s, after I picked up a copy of Demetra George's * Asteroid Goddesses*. Not only were there the Big Four asteroids that are the main focus of the book, but there were all these other asteroids in a chapter of their own near the end, Hidalgo, Pandora, Lilith, Psyche and so forth.

Q: What key words and concept represent Hidalgo - Pandora - Lilith?

A: Hidalgo = assertion, promotion, defense, pushing something forward, advocacy, domination.

Pandora = stirring things up, unintended consequences, personal talents or development, curiosity, thrill-seeking, feminism.

Lilith = marginalization and marginalized things, what one really doesn't want to deal with, repression and repressed things, sudden eruptions, the a-rational, to integrate.

Q: In your view how are these specific asteroids prominent as harbingers for the future?

A: Since these asteroids have been studied, starting in the 1980's, their energies have become more pronounced, and in this manner they change human society.

Q: Have you been surprised at the accuracy of your forecasts as a result of asteroid delineation?

A: Well, I don't do a lot of forecasting, except for myself. I've found that some asteroids are good predictors of future events according to how they are placed by house in solar and parti-solar return charts. These include the Big Four (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta) , Chiron, Hidalgo, Pandora, Lilith, Damocles, Don Quixote, and BAM. For example, Chiron introduces someting new, Hidalgo indicates where you have to assert or promote yourself, Ceres indicates where you have to let go of something, Vesta indicates a commitment to something, Pandora stirs you up somehow, Lilith has you resign yourself to dealing with something, and BAM indicates an abrupt or explosive event. There may be other asteroids that may operate this way as well.

Q: Aspects between asteroids and planets do not necessarily have a minor effect - would you say that is true?

A: Yes, in some cases. I've found that a lot of times asteroids have a narrowing effect--they add detail to a planetary meaning and help to focus it on specifics, and the events so indicated can be momentous as well as banal. Sometimes, as with the Big Four asteroids, Chiron, Hidalgo, Pandora, Lilith or Damocles, they can be powerful on their own. Like the current transiting Neptune-Damocles conjunction in Aquarius could be linked to the current widespread use of fear in an attempt to manipulate the public.

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Hidalgo - Pandora - Lilith

Harbingers Of The Modern World

by Mark Andrew Holmes


Hidalgo, asteroid 944, was discovered on 31 October 1920 by Walter Baade at Hamburg, Germany. He named it for Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1753-1811), a Mexican priest known as "the father of Mexican independence,"as a thank-you gesture for Mexican hospitality in allowing German astronomers to view a solar eclipse of 10 September 1923 that was total in Mexico.

The name Hidalgo comes from modern Spanish, is a contraction of the Spanish hijo de algo (son of somebody), and originally referred to a member of the lesser Spanish nobility who was the lowest-ranking type of man entitled to use the honorific "Don" in front of his name.944 Hidalgo has a highly elliptical orbit steeply tilted to the ecliptic that takes it almost to the orbit of Mars at perihelion and past the orbit of Saturn at aphelion and takes 14 years to complete.

It spends most of its 14-year, 51.1-day cycle in the signs Scorpio to Aquarius; spends about a year in Libra going out towards aphelion and in Pisces going in towards the Sun again, and races through the signs Aries to Virgo, spending only about six weeks apiece in Gemini, the sign of its perihelion, and in Cancer.

Hidalgo represents the principle of imperativeness. It impels to assertion, advocacy, and promotion on behalf of self and others, ambition and the desire to dominate, defend and protect, and also sometimes to an affinity for globalism, things Spanish or Latin American, revolutionary ideologies, and dark subcultures. Hidalgo energy requires a certain amount of skill, resourcefulness, forethought and control to manifest in an altogether constructive manner and may impel to self-damage, sacrifice or martyrdom if improperly handled.

Afflicted Hidalgos in particular often act in a hard, domineering or rash manner. While there seems to be a macho component to Hidalgo's influence (refer to J.Lee Lehman's The Ultimate Asteroid Book), it is not a purely macho factor in the chart. The emblem of Father Hidalgo's rebellion was the picture of the Roman Catholic patron saint of Mexico, an aspect of the Virgin Mary known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared in 1520 near Mexico City to a poor Indian named Juan Diego and commanded him to build a chapel on a hill sacred to Tonantzin, the Aztec earth goddess who is a counterpart of the Greek Demeter and Roman Ceres.

Hidalgo expresses Ceres energy through the mask of a patriarchal religious tradition and a masculine archetype, but does not manifest exclusively as a desire to dominate or subjugate, in which males have no monopoly in any case.The North Node of Hidalgo is at 21 Aries 39. The Aries-Libra influence of Hidalgo's nodal axis suggests the necessity of the union of decisive action and adequate forethought, and that action may be exalted by who or what it benefits, either the self or others. The Sabian Symbol for 21 Aries is "The gate to the garden of desire", underscoring Hidalgo's adventurous streak.

Gemini, Hidalgo's sign of perihelion, is further indicative of Hidalgo's "fast-moving", action-oriented influence, and also suggests that "the pen[Gemini] may is mightier than the sword," or that brain[Gemini] may be superior to brawn. The year of Hidalgo's discovery saw, among other things, the consolidation of power by the Communists in Soviet Russia; pacifist agitation inspired by revulsion against World War I and the formation of the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations, by which all nations may advocate for themselves and one another in a peaceful and cooperative manner; the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave American women the vote; and the election of Warren Harding to the U.S. Presidency over James Cox, an election whose results were reported by radio.


Pandora, asteroid 55, is a moderate-sized main-belt asteroid with a cycle of 4 years, 211.7 days. It was discovered on 10 September 1858 by George Searle at the Dudley Observatory in Albany, New York, USA. He named it for a well-known figure of Greco-Roman mythology, Pandora, a woman fashioned by the Olympian gods whose innocent curiosity in opening a box she had been expressly forbidden to open loosed all that is evil upon humanity. She slammed shut the box too late, and found nothing left inside but Hope, by which all evil may be conquered.

The sister-in-law of Prometheus, Pandora was a left-handed gift from the gods of Olympus to Prometheus's brother Epimetheus and was intended to punish humanity for receiving the gift of fire from Prometheus. All the gods had contributed positive attributes to her makeup;Pandora in Greek means "the all-gifted one."This was the Greek version of the Judeo-Christian Adam-and-Eve legend. Pandora also ties into the Greek version of the Flood legend. She and Epimetheus would have a daughter named Pyrrha, who with Prometheus' son Deucalion would survive a great flood in an ark and repopulate the world from the rocks on the ground. Deucalion correctly interpreted a cryptic command by the Titan Themis to "veil their heads and cast behind them the bones of their mother" to mean they should veil their heads and throw rocks(the bones of Mother Earth)behind them. The rocks thrown by Deucalion became men when they hit the ground, and the rocks thrown by Pyrrha became women. The race of strong humans thus created had what it took to recreate the world.

The legend of Pandora and the box contributed the expression "Pandora's box"(a prolific and uncontainable source of troubles, i.e., a "can of worms") to the language. The name refers to an incident involving a man who published an astronomical journal at the Dudley Observatory at the time of the asteroid Pandora's discovery; he got into a dispute with the observatory's owner and was ejected by hired thugs.The asteroid Pandora represents the principle of impact . It impels to curiosity, restlessness, turbulence, adventurousness, a desire to make a difference or a splash, the urge to "be all one can be," unintended consequences and a process of change, and often indicates many abilities. This is very suggestive of the qualities of Aries, the sign of Pandora's perihelion. Patriarchal distrust of female power led to the ancient Greek demonization of Pandora and, through her, women in general, as the ancient Hebrews and Christians demonized her counterpart Eve.

When afflicted, Pandora acts more easily in a socially inappropriate or destructive manner.Pandora's North Node is at 10 Aries 50; the Sabian Symbol for 10 Aries, "The president of the country," indicates self-sacrifice demanded of anyone who would become the creative representative of eternal value on the one hand, and on the other, an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense. I.e., the positive use of power requires discipline.The year of Pandora's discovery saw rising unrest over slavery in the U.S., the publication of the highly influential polemic novel Uncle Tom's Cabin and a general mass urge toward reform and invention.


Lilith, asteroid 1181, is another main-belt asteroid whose cycle is 4 years, 128 days long. It was discovered on 11 February 1927 by Benjamin Jekhovsky at Algiers, Algeria. He named it for the French composer Marie-Juliette-Olga "Lili" Boulanger (1893-1918), sister of the equally talented and better-known musician, composer and conductor Nadia Boulanger. Lili Boulanger was a musical prodigy who dazzled Europe in her time;she was never in good health and died of the intestinal disorder Crohn's disease at the age of 24. She derived her nickname from Lilith, first wife of Adam in Hebrew legend, who was created from the dirt like him, asserted equality with him, left him rather than be subservient to him, and was demonized:Lilith(in Hebrew, "evil woman") is descended from the Mesopotamian Lilitu, a she-demon who lurked in waste places and abandoned buildings and menaced travelers, young men, infants, and pregnant women, and was acquired from Mesopotamian mythology via the Babylonian Captivity.

Lilitu in the Cuneiform language of Iraq's ancient peoples such as the Sumerians and Babylonians means "whirlwind." Lilith has long been a feminist icon and has sometimes been used as a girl's name.Lilith the asteroid(not the same as two other Liliths which are hypothetical planets)represents the principle of integration. It rules all kinds of things people don't want anything to do with but which are part of the world nevertheless, and that which forces them to deal with this reality, including media such as television(whose first broadcast occurred in San Francisco on September 6 in the year of Lilith's discovery)and the Internet.

Lilith impels toward learning to cope constructively with the non-rational, victimization, difficult decisions and persons and things which one really doesn't want to deal with, learning to handle occultism in its various forms, repression and complication, marginalization, the release of suppressed anger and other negative psychological energies, and the destruction of beliefs based on rationalizations and prejudices, and may be an indicator of racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry.Martha Lang-Westcott says Lilith is an indicator of gender stereotypes, favoritism, divided loyalties, triangulation(playing both ends against the middle, co-opting others' issues to undercut their support from others), competing, use of sex or rejection for dominance, selection and rejection, and decisions with regard to angles or aspects, all of which reflect the negative Lilith tendency to be less than even-handed in dealing with others.Afflicted

Liliths usually tend to be more difficult in their manifestions.Lilith perihelions in Taurus, underscoring this asteroid's concern with values and the desire to possess(or its antithesis, to reject).The North Node of Lilith is 20 Sagittarius 59, underscoring the Lilithian Gemini-Sagittarius conflict between what is within one's everyday experience versus what is outside it, between knowledge and values. The Sabian Symbol for 20 Sagittarius is "A labor demonstration", indicating a consistent courage in attacking major problems at any cost of minor well-being or inconvenience on the one hand, and futile ill will and bluster on the other. Hate--that is, indignation--may be harnessed to attack major social problems, i.e., labor demonstrators, civil-rights activists who are victimized by bigotry attacking the problem of bigotry.

© 1999 by Mark Andrew Holmes

Hidalgo in Libra


May 9, 2006

by Mark Andrew Holmes

The asteroid Hidalgo represents the principle of imperativeness: assertion, advocacy, and promotion on behalf of ourselves and others. This summer Hidalgo goes outbound past the orbit of planet Saturn.

Gemini, Hidalgo's sign of perihelion, is indicative of fast-moving action-oriented Hidalgo. In swift motion from May 1990 to July 1992 Hidalgo approached and reached its near point-perihelion to the Sun. At that time the United States was primarily concerned with defending Kuwait against Iraq's invasion, protecting the Saudi Arabian-Bush business interests and supplies of gas & oil energy for western countries. Issues engaging the domestic culture involved attention to reforming health care, balancing the federal budget, AIDS research and gay rights.

Social concerns coalesced as Hidalgo went through the southern signs Libra and Scorpio on route to its Sagittarius far point at aphelion. It spends most of its fourteen year cycle in the signs Scorpio through Aquarius; approximately a year in Libra going out towards aphelion and in Pisces going in towards the Sun, racing through the signs Aries to Virgo.

The North Node of Hidalgo is at 21 Aries 39. The Aries-Libra influence of its nodal axis suggests the necessity of cooperative alignment between decisive action and adequate forethought. Developments taking place over the fourteen year time frame include discriminatory and unfair laws targeting gays becoming overturned but bans on same-sex marriage taking their place. Saddam Hussein is no longer in charge of Iraq, though the cost for regime change in lives and money, was and continues to be much too high.

From April 1976 to October 1977 during President Carter's administration, in the fast phase of Hidalgo's orbit, we wanted prosperity, affordable energy, moral leadership, more emphasis on religion in society and respect for the U.S. worldwide. After a fashion, driven by the Reagan presidency, certain of these social wishes became customary political practice. The Reagan-Bush 1980's culture precipitated conditions to terminate the separation between church-and-state. Tax cuts for the prosperous began amid a downsizing exercise that ultimately carved up the middle class.

Hidalgo went outbound towards Saturn with the advent of the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. Spiraling federal budget deficits at the close of Bush's forty-first presidency, were transformed by a strategic turnabout under Clinton-Gore. Clinton's NAFTA initiatives accelerated the global outsourcing of jobs culminating in the demise of America's industrial manufacturing base. Unseemly overhauls to the health care system, at the start of the 1994 Republican majority, persist uninterrupted. The health care crisis deepens as ideological offensives to our system take us from one disastrous political adjustment to another.

In the upcoming month of July, Hidalgo first contra-parallels then parallels Huya - oversight of others, service to others, judges or judging. In August transiting Hidalgo conjoins Rhadamanthus at eleven degrees Libra - incorruptibility, rectitude, straight forwardness, amends for equity, redress of due process, moral courage. This places an emphasis on that which is threatened or missing, promoted, asserted or defended - key words and key concepts for asteroid Hidalgo.

As Hidalgo transits Libra this summer our social concerns embody desires for accountability regarding the deep reversal to our budget surplus, which all totaled, amounts to the largest federal debt in American history. We need to restore free fair elections, mandate oversight protection of our constitutional rights, ensure long term solvency of Social Security, create energy independence, launch global warming - global dimming environmental policies, provide adequate domestic security of America's citizens from acts of terror, re-tool government's obligation to manage natural disasters and their aftermath, reconsider the right use of military force, return to sound fiscal management and rollback federal policies that exert regressive pressure reducing our domestic economy into a two-tiered society.

Public financing of elections with clean money is the only way to restore public trust in the legislative process. 'Big money is politics' assisted by an accommodating media controlled by a small array of corporations, that shape the American political debate with false narratives. 'Clean elections - clean money' seeks solutions for politics designed to marginalize and circumvent ordinary citizen's interests - Lilith 1181. A coalition of state organizations have established themselves for election reform. AZ, ME, VT, MA, NM and NC have begun, at various levels, to put into force a public financing system for political elections. A vanguard of 'clean candidates' has already been elected to office. Modeled after 'clean money' reforms in Arizona and Maine, CA is developing proposals to cover all statewide constitutional and state legislative offices.

Every summer on July 4th we celebrate and remember America's democratic ideals. It presents a chance to reaffirm our participatory representative government, and renew the search to develop solutions that reflect our interconnected social concerns. Build on the momentum this year to realign the dynamic system of institutionalized powers, special interest's lobby and political incumbents that converge to restrain and extinguish competition. Recognize 2006 as the best chance to reach overdue transformations and political adjustments to revive the level playing field. Aim high to maximize opportunities for parity that will revitalize our shared principles.

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