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Brave Champions: Natal Charts by Mark Andrew Holmes
Harbingers Of The Modern World : author Mark Andrew Holmes
An astrological treatise on the asteroids  Hidalgo,  Pandora, and  Lilith


Lorenzo Michael Murphy Odone
- & -
Michaela Teresa Murphy Odone

5/29/1978, Washington D.C., noon chart - Lorenzo

1/10/1939, Yonkers N.Y., noon chart - Michaela

Lorenzo’s Oil: This film is about the story of parents Augusto and Michaela Odone who became brave champions for their son Lorenzo diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Unable to find a doctor capable of treating Lorenzo's rare disease, Augusto and Michaela Odone sought their own cure. The Odone's quest is recounted in the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil. Their discovery proved successful in halting the progression of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

In recognition of the parents' work, Augusto Odone received an honorary doctorate from the University of Stirling. August Odone continues to raise funds and drive the scientific task force known as The Myelin Project.

Lorenzo Odone
Natal *Minor Asteroid* DNA @ 28 Cancer 38
(genetic lineage)


Protogeneia @27 Cancer (pioneering something)
Epimetheus @28 Cancer (actions taken too late, possibly futile)


Cuvier @27 Taurus (extinguish, to end)
Roachapproach @28 Taurus (repellent)
Mallory @28 Taurus (possibility insurmountable challenge)
Pandora @28 Taurus (unexpected consequences)


Antenor @28 Aries (to undermine)
Chariklo @27 Aries (attracting emotional support)

Radiocommunicata @27 Libra (widely publicized)
Ohno @28 Libra (dismay)


Dioretsa @27 Pisces (veering off track)
Stephengould @29 Pisces (skepticism, rejection)
1966 TL66 @29 Pisces (hard-won revelation, searing experience)


Outer Planet (representing an era or generation)

N/Pluto @14 Libra


Natal *Minor Asteroid* Parkinson @12 Libra 53
(neurological disorder, working under a handicap)


N/Eris @14 Aries (need to challenge system or status quo)


Editor's Insert: Lorenzo Odone -&- Michaela Odone

Natural Zodiac

Aries -- Libra

N/Lorenzo - Parkinson @12 Libra cnj N/Pluto @14 Libra
N/Michaela - Parkinson @13 Libra

Taurus -- Scorpio
N/Lorenzo - Chiron @07 Taurus
N/Michaela - Uranus @13 Taurus cnj Ceres @14 Taurus
N/Lorenzo - Uranus @13 Scorpio

Gemini -- Sagittarius
N/Lorenzo - Sun @07 Gemini
N/Lorenzo - Neptune @17 Sagittarius cnj Osiris @15 Sagittarius (severed,broken,split) cnj Vesta @15 Sagittarius rx cnj Pallas @15 Sagittarius rx

Cancer -- Capricorn
N/Lorenzo - Jupiter @08 Cancer cnj Venus @08 Cancer
N/Michaela - Chiron @06 Cancer
N/Lorenzo - DNA @28 Cancer cnj Orcus @27 Cancer (adverse reaction,transmit,rescind)
N/Lorenzo - Ceres @23 Capricorn
N/Michaela - Pholus @14 Capricorn

Leo -- Aquarius

N/Lorenzo - Saturn @28 Leo cnj Eurydike @27 Leo (absent,missing,taken)
N/Lorenzo - Damocles @27 Aquarius (menace,threat,forewarn)

Virgo -- Pisces
N/Lorenzo - Pholus @23 Pisces
N/Michaela - Neptune @23 Virgo


Recessive - Expressed ALD

Michaela - Natal Pholus @14 Capricorn (recessive ALD)
Lorenzo - Natal Ceres @23 Capricorn (metabolic disorder)


Lorenzo - Natal Nemesis @14 Cancer (affliction, devastating situation)
Lorenzo - Natal DNA @28 Cancer (expressed ALD)


Michaela - Natal Chiron @06 Cancer (maternity, birth, medicine, quest, guide, here & now, skilled one, maverick)
Lorenzo - Natal Jupiter @08 Cancer (fat metabolism) cnj Natal Venus @08 Cancer (nutrient assimilation)


ALD is an inherited disorder. An essential transporter protein is absent in ALD affliction.

That transporter protein is utilized for metabolism of very long-chain fatty acids found in the normal diet.

Without the specific transporter protein VLCFA build-up damages the myelin insulating central and peripheral system nerves causing devastating neurological disorders.


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